Our desire is to celebrate audacious, powerful femininity by creating unique designs that will make you feel limitless.

Our designs are an invitation to be in your power, an invitation to playfulness and uniqueness, to create intimacy with yourself and others

All that,
Always respecting mother earth and all her inhabitants.


We are Helena and Paul, siblings, best friends and business partners.

Helena has always been passionate in garment design and making, she made her very first outfit at age 4 and never stopped since. It literally runs in her veins as our grandmother was a designer herself, who revolutionized lingerie in the 50s. Helena is a creative visionary, for her, each design is to be an object of her own desire before it can inspire others.

Since childhood Helena and I dreamed of running our own business together.

Years later, encouraged by my sister’s irrepressible creativity and recognizing her genius in creating her own fabulous wardrobe, we decided to combine forces to create a brand together. I would support Helena’s vision with a rational counterpart to her freewheeling creativity.