Helena Magdalena is the brainchild of brother and sister duo, Paul and Helena Pasquier. The progeny of a grandmother who helped established illustrious French lingerie brand, Aubade, fashion quite literally runs in their veins. A perfect example of fraternal symbiosis, each carries the other with their own strengths.

Helena, the creative visionary: for her, each design is to be an object of her own desire before it can inspire others.

Paul, a rational counterpart to Helena’s freewheeling creativity, is the hand that moves and structures time and materials into a gorgeous reality.

Since their childhood, Helena and Paul dreamed of running their own business together: Helena would make the clothes, Paul would sell them. This dream would need a friendly catalyst if it was to become a reality. The years would find Helena living in New York, far from her French upbringing, and far from Paul, whose interest in visiting the States would lead him to scope out New York for an opportunity.

Encouraged by his sister’s irrepressible creativity and recognizing her genius in creating her own fabulous wardrobe, Paul would push to combine forces to create a brand. Despite an ocean between them, the wind was in their sails and they continue to make their journey together to bring their own beauty into the world.


Our desire at Helena Magdalena is to celebrate your own kind of limitless, audacious femininity. By sourcing and repurposing vintage fabrics (only producing our own fabric when the market cannot satisfy our mind’s eye) we utilize a production process that is pragmatically and truly sustainable, as free and gentle as you are.


Friends by choice, but with the appraising eye that siblings have for the other, one continues to sharpen the other’s skill and determination.


Just as her grandmother, a woman, helped to create garments that would (literally) support other women, Helena Magdalena chooses to indulge one’s femininity with fearless designs that celebrate your own free spirit. Raised under the stylish influence of her mother and grandmother in the South of France, fashion was bred and nurtured into her life as an extension of her personality. Her journey to aesthetic perfection would bring her to Studio Berçot, the bête-noire of Parisian fashion schools, where her vision was solidified; then honed and sharpened by the tough streets of New York, and finally polished in the gleaming deserts of Morocco. Truly a woman who designs for other women, Helena’s cosmopolitan life only serves to better inform her about the real desires and needs of women worldwide.


Entrepreneurial by nature; altruistic by choice. Under the tutelage of his grandfathers, one of whom worked for L’Oréal and the other the co-founder of Aubade, Paul specialized in business administration with the desire to create the ideal work environment where all involved can feel respected and necessary. Driven by the desire to challenge traditional business models that do more harm than good, his studies would take him from France to Russia, all the while brainstorming a perfect business model into existence. With his sister’s creative outlet in New York needing a commercial outlet, he seized the opportunity to put into action his vision for sustainability and ethical treatment of the world around.

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