The Gem spur

Stainless steel Spur with healing gemstone.




Upgrade your look with this metal and gemstone shoe accessory inspired by cowboy spurs.

Unique size – Fits most women's boots and leather shoes.

Material: Stainless steel and gemstone.

Handmade in Morocco

The package includes 1 spur.

The story behind the gemstone spur:

Inspired by the cowboy culture these shoes accessorize were first imagined by Helena Magdalena in 2017 during a trip in Santa Fe, NM. It was the first time she returned in the city where she was born and it was an opportunity for her to reconnect with her roots.

She wanted to recreate this object which was initially intended to hurt horses and give it an aesthetic purpose. This object which can be associated with the strength and the power of the cowboy is now intended for women and symbolizes the power of femininity. A symbol of the past mainly associated with men, now belongs to women.

Delivery & Returns

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