The gem spur

Stainless steel Spur with healing gemstone.


In stock

Upgrade your footwear, and empower your steps with this metal and gemstone shoe accessory

Metal: Stainless steel
Stone: Lapis Lazuli

Fit recommendations: Unique size M | Fits most women's boots and shoes

Note: Boots not included

Handmade in Marrakech

Ships within 2-3 days

Item inspiration & backstory

I got myself my first pair of spurs when I returned for the first time in Santa Fe, New Mexico where I was born. I became obsessed with the idea of adding to my footwear and loved wearing them but something felt wrong to me: this object was design to hurt an animal. I decided to design my own, replacing the wheel, the element that is meant to hurt by a healing stone, meant to bring power and healing. This object which is associated with the strength and the power of the cowboy, now represent the power of femininity. It can also be taken off the shoe and switched around to be used as self-defense.

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